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Nefelibata - Sharini Yogi.jpg

Nefelibata, 2020       Sharini Yogi


The first impression

"People of Passion" can be said to be crazy and optimistic, different from the various art exhibitions and competitions on the market, It rejects material flooding of art, brings enthusiastic artists together under the same project, and gives the public a platform for viewing local art. We see this project as an experiment to prove that most artists do not create for commercial. After a month of discussion and reform, we were prepared to make the project public. The original project was a comprehensive exhibition of performing arts and fine arts in physical space, but as the pandemic of Coronavirus, our project was changed to online activities. Fortunately, we have more fans online than we expected, and we continue to receive support from artists.

A thorough understanding of P.O.P

People of passion (P.O.P) is a project emphasis non-commercial arts. Non-commercial art has been surviving in the local art scene. Individuals who focus on non-commercial art are getting less financial support and public appreciation compared to any other kind, because commercial sponsorship as well as the government agency expect an economic return from the artists of their business. P.O.P is a project that provides a 'crowdsourcing' platform to highlight creative and artistic works that are created by local passionate artists. The aim of the project is to support local artists who do not focus on commercialization.


Project P.O.P was experiencing changes from physical exhibition to online event. All of the data collected, recorded and published in an eBook that will serve as a source of reference to the public as well as a record of future reference.


Commercial art refers to an art created for trade or government purposes, contrary to fine art that emphasis the value of aesthetics and creative creativity in the creation of artwork for emotional expression, insight and self-satisfaction. Nowadays, the community enjoys the convenience and sophistication of technology leading to less exposure on high value art in contrast to the art created simply to meet the community's favorite for commercial use to achieve local community support and response. The value in an artwork will be exploited when it is produced solely to obtain the appreciation of the audience. P.O.P project aims to exhibit fine art that has high-value aesthetics and creative values to the public, in addition, supporting locally-inspired local works in the creation of artwork.

How do this project contribute to the society ?

P.O.P project provides a platform for artistic players to exhibit their work not commercially. The implementation of the project will raise the focus of the public on creative local works and to expand fine art in Malaysia. With the success of this project, fine arts in Malaysia can grow further, besides that, the artwork of passionate artistic players will get the support of the Malaysian community.

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